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Important Questions To Ask ANYBODY you are considering hiring for your event.

Taylor Rosendale


We know that one of the foremost questions on your mind is "What is this service going to cost?   As a professional entertainment provider, I have absolutely no idea what to tell you, until I understand what you want or need. When talking to a DJ, wouldn't you want to know if you are even speaking to an entertainment professional? Here are some sample questions to help you determine that. You don't have to ask all of them, but the answers you get will give you a good idea about the level of professionalism and in turn justify the fee.


****How did you get started as a wedding/event entertainer?

Having a business card, a website, or yellow page add in a phone book ...doesn't necessarily mean anything in terms of capability or professionalism.  Anybody can get a business card printed.  According to Malcomb Gladwell in his book "The Tipping Point, the estimated time invested in “practice” at any vocation to be considered a “professional” in that industry....50,000 hrs. That's a minimum five years of 40 hour weeks. 


****How many weddings (events) have you done?

If the answer to this question is in the hundreds, then chances are you have found yourself a seasoned professional in the industry. Everybody starts somewhere, but do you want them starting with YOU?


****Is entertainment a full time job for you?

This industry is made up predominately by “Extra Money” DJ's supplementing their day job income.  Do you want an “extra money” DJ orchestrating the biggest day of your life? Would you hire an “extra money” doctor to remove your gall bladder?


****Do you carry liability insurance on your business?

Some venues require proof of liability insurance.  Venues carry their own insurance for their events; however, the answer to this question is a step in determining the level of professionalism.


****Do you have any other affiliation with music other than as a DJ?

In other words, are you a musician? Do you know anything about dancing? Not all good DJ's are musically inclined, but “depth of field” is generally a good thing. If your DJ is a musician, or knows something about dance styles...especially an ethnic event, (Greek, Latin, Jewish, etc) … BONUS!


****Do you offer any amenities in addition to playing music? Here, you're looking for extras (help) that add to the event and if there is a fee associated with it. ( Lighting, special effects, special moments, or options that add emphasis to your event)


****What professional organizations have you or do you belong to, and how do you stay informed on the latest trends in the wedding and event entertainment industry?

Everyone needs continuing education, regardless their field of work. Downloading the latest music, doesn't qualify. Professionals attend seminars, and industry events.


****What kind of equipment will you bring to my event?

Most DJ's like to tell you about their gear.( sound system, lighting, etc) It's an investment in what we do, and professional equipment makes us AND our clients look good. 

****Finally.....What is your Fee?

By the time you get here, you should have a pretty good idea who you are speaking to. Someone who knows how to help you create, orchestrate and communicate at your once in a lifetime event or..just another DJ? Your entertainment provider is a BIG DEAL, and a major factor in the success of your event.

Here's another way to look at cost...An attorney may charge you $150-$250 per hour for their time. They have one client (you), nobody but the attorney is having any fun and that fee can run into thousands of $'s.  A professional DJ may charge the same amount per hour,  entertaining 100-300 people (guests) at one of the most important days of your life... and everyone is having a terrific time.......Which is the better deal?

If you would like to know more about you can create a terrific event using Zentco Productions us 970-260-0112