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Weddings are a milestone day in anyone's life and there is only one chance to get it do you really want to hire someone who does weddings for "EXTRA MONEY" or would you prefer to have the event orchestrated by a professional...... with years of experience? 

I’ve probably seen over 250 wedding events in various venues from Aspen to Glenwood Springs, CO ...and I’ve NEVER seen anyone do what you do.”
- Spoken by an employee of the exclusive Aspen Glenn property, Summer 2015

It's true, and the reason for that is quite simply nobody else does what I do because few, if any..... have the experience that I have.


Consultation: I provide "Planner Guides" for both the wedding and reception to help make that part of your task....EASY!  You get as much help as you want. If you had never actually seen a wedding before, with my Planner Guides you can put together your entire event.
Equipment: Top of the line equipment like Bose, American Audio, Numark, Mac, QSC and I size the sound system to match the room and acoustics.
Dance floor lighting as space allows, additional room or grounds lighting is available per your wishes.
Microphones for wedding and reception participants.

Live Musicians, including: String Quartets, Guitarists, Harpist, Flute, whatever you may want to fully customize your ceremony.

Specialty Wedding Services
Merlin's “live” Trumpet Voluntary, Bridal Processional or any selection of the Bride's choosing.

Plus, Merlin can provide all Prelude music prior to service, Processional Songs, Recessional and special music for other ceremonial additions like the "Unity Candle" or "Sand Vessel Ceremony."

Do you need someone to conduct the ceremony? (Merlin is a licensed officiant....)

Specialty Reception Services:

  • Dance lessons and choreography assistance for the Bride/Groom “First Dance”

  • Written and recorded “Love Story” Presentation. A fun "Hollywood Version" story of your courtship that brought us to your wedding day.

  • Custom re-mixed “First Dance” recording.  The recording contains a special message from each of you, laced into your First Dance together.

  • Custom Wedding Party Grand Entrance, with music to match the personalities of each of your wedding party members. 

  • Custom re-mixed Bride/Father and Groom/Mother dances, with special messages from you to your parent, recorded into the track. 

  • Music Videos, to enhance the "entertainment aspect" of your reception.

  • On-Line music requests, via a hyper-link that you can share with all your guests, allowing them to be involved in the fun by pre-requesting music for your big day.  Of course real time requests can be made also.


NOTE: Merlin is the acting MC/DJ for all bookings. Occasionally an event may be hosted by another Zentco professional, but NEVER without consulting our client.